Why do Hair Frizz?

We have all been victims of frizzy hAir at one time or another. Sometimes no matter what we do or how hard we work to keep those tresses all together, once the humidity hits it it’s all over and now your hair is a hot mess.Beauties Understanding why the hair Frizz will help you with selecting the right products to tame the beast. First off, the hair has what is called the cuticle. The cuticle is the outer layer of the hair shaft. The cuticle looks like shingles on a roof top. When the hair is smooths the cuticle or shingles lays flat,but once the hair starts to Frizz the cuticle starts to lift up.Frizzy hair is often more dyer than most.Also if your hair is fine it is more prone to frizzing than coarse hair. Frizzing occur because your hair could be damage and or from lack of moisture in the hair.This is why oil treatments and applying some sort of hair moisturizer is so important. I know most of you Hate putting hair oil or moisturizers on because your afraid of weighting down your hair. But truth be told honey you need it. For one you will maintain healthy hair and two to keep the humidity from penetrating your hair.Please keep in mind once the humidity hits the dry/damaged hair and moisture is absorbed ,this is when and why hair Frizz will occur. So bottom line … MOISTURIZE MOISTURIZE MOISTURize those tresses so we can continue to keep the Frizz away so you all can keep looking FAB!!!

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