When Good People Do Good Things!

Today i was on Facebook and i ran across this post that really touched me. The guy name was Dennis Hunter. This guy has been battling for weeks about whether or not he should cut his hair then this happened. Here is what he posted………………..

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“So yesterday I decided I no longer needed my dreads after a weekend of thinking… There’s a story behind it on why I made this decision.. Friday I was at the park with my Son’s watching them play. A lady sat beside me and began reading a book. She stop and looked over and said you have really beautiful locks and ask how long have I been growing them. I told her almost eight years. She ask can I feel them. I said sure, she grabbed one and said you have a good grade of hair, I said thanks. She Begin’s to tell me her daughter had dreads but lost them after starting chemotherapy. She ask have I ever thought about cutting them. I said sometimes but I doubt if I ever do. She said if you ever think about cutting them I should donate them. I ask how long ago did her daughter lose her dread. She said 6 months ago. I then ask what do they do when I donate my hair. She said they make wigs out of it. I said how about you give me a number to contact you if I ever cut them I’ll give them to you. She smiled gave me her number.. So all day Saturday i keep thinking about the conversation I had with the lady. Sunday came and I still was thinking and around 10 last night I said i’m going to surprise this lady and give them to her for her daughter…. I like my dreads but I’m sure she will love them…”

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SO AWSOME of Him……..

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