When a shoe Speaks……..

Shatte’ & Co. writes: It stands to wonder some days how something made totally of materials like fabric, plastic, rubber, metal or wood can bring so much joy when looked at them in its finished form. No matter the mood or the day or person once I get a peak at a pair of well crafted, designed heels or how I like to call them “Art” I am good to go. It can make or break the mood of any women and now-a-days men too. I wonder what the power behind the heel is.Is it the way it makes my back arch when I’m standing on 4 1/2 to 5 inches feeling somewhat like a Titan or is it the extra sway in my walk that states I Am afro9Woman!  Some say it seems like pain but I know that any good thang not thing but “thang” isn’t worth it unless it hurt and feel good too. Pain & pleasure… Life’s best kept secret..

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