Tyra Banks Sueing Wig Companies!! Say it ain’t So!!


So im on the web browsing around and i stubble up on an article about Ms.Tyra Banks . Its being reported that Super Model Tyra Banks is sueing several Wig Manufactures for 10 million Dollars for  the Illegal use of her Very Famous  TRADE MARKED Name and Brand!

Honey chile they stole photos and used her name and put it on the wigs they were selling. And im pretty sure they have made millions off her name.I feel for her because  would i have losted my mind  knowing someone has made millions off my name in which i know she has paid a pretty penny  to protect. Trust and believe I know  because im in the process of TradeMarking my Company as we speak . I’m going to just Assume that those who companies  in which Tyra is sueing is not located in the united states. We all know those companies across the water ( Im not going to mention the country) LoL are quick to knock off and  Mase Produce a beauty product in a heart beat! Lol!! I’m pretty sure we all know someone who has purchased a knocked version of something in the past!!!! GUILTY!! (ME raising my hand) Guilty of knowing someone..Lol…But any how… Tyra did the right thing !! I would have sued they butts also.

I was going to post a few wigs i found on line. BUT i didnt want to put those companies on blast. You all can goggle it  and maybe you just might be wearing a Tyra Banks inspired wig yourself. How ever it all plays out I’m on Tyra’s side and hope she gets her MONEY!!!!!

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