Tyra Banks Launches Makeup Line!

A few days ago i discovered that Tyra Banks launched a make line called Tyra Beauty. I was a little excited because i LOVE LOVE makeup. I think it’s one of the greatest gifts man has created. LORD know some us was not blessed with blemish free skin and we be needing little help achieving a FLAWLESS face. What i found out was she didn’t create a full line. It only consist of a few items Tyra says  will get you all together in 6 minutes . She calls it the “6 Minute Tyover”. (That’s Cute)….She has become a TRUE BEAUTY GURU.

Tyra has crossed over in the Direct selling Business side of things. On her site you can order these Fabulous items or even sign up to become a BEAUTY-TAINER. Which will launch Spring 2015.  I did check out the prices just to make sure my girl wasn’t trying to break our pockets.  Prices ranges from $24-74.50.. Not to Bad! Either way i will be ordering something from her line soon and do review. Stay Tuned.

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