Trendy Braided Hair Styles

Ray J 30th Birthday Celebration at Pure Nightclub in Las Vegas on January 15, 2011

Pull your Goddess Braids to the back and create a chignon….

images-4 Braid your braids up the back and Create a double twist to the Front! images-7   Jumbo Cornrows! images-8 High Bun with a loose braided side swoop! images-5 Flat Twist sides up to create a twisted mohawk Style th-18   Side Sweep and pin them to the side! th-22 Havana Twist with a flair of Purple! tumblr_mwqotvpFfj1qae60zo1_1280 Waist length Havana Twist dsc_1877 Bobbed Jumbo Havana Twist! images-13 Pin up havana twist!

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