Top 10 Food for Healthy Hair

Keeping your hair healthy consist of a few things . Maintain a health diet, drink a lot of water, stay on a good hair regimen, and live a healthy life style.  I was reading  an article the other day and it was giving information about different foods that we can incorporate into our diets that will help keep your hair in shape. There was a few things on the list i do eat on daily basis and a few i need to add. I always tell my clients, ” At the end of the day  as your hair stylist it is only so much i  can do for you. So its Your job to  maintain the inside of your body so can do my job and maintain the care of your hair.”

Beauties you all should know by now   whatever  information i can find to help your tresses I’m going to most definitely   SHARE SHARE  SHARE it with you all. Because i don’t want my beautiful beauties walking  around looking like no one loves you.. LOL.. So here you go my LUVS!!!


Spinach contains- iron,beta carotene, folate,and Vitamin C *keeps follicles healthy and scalp oil circulating


Salmon contains- vitamin d and Omega-3 fatty acids *keeps your scalp and hair hydrated


Walnuts contain-Omega-3 fatty acids,biotin , copper, and vitamin E *keeps hair color rich and protect your cells from dan damage


Sweet Potato contains- vitamin A *helps protect and produce the oils that sustain your scalp. Low vitamin A can leave you with itchy,irksome dandruff.


Oysters contain- zinc and protein * helps to prevent hair loss.



Eggs contain- protein, zinc,selenium,sulfur, and iron. *helps carry oxygen to the hair follicles


Greek Yogurt contains-vitamin B5 , protein, and vitaminD


Lentils contains-protein, iron, zinc, and biotin


BlueBerries contains- Vitamin C *helps circulation to the scalp and supports the tiny blood vessels that feed the follicles


Poultry contains- zinc,iron and vitamin B





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