Thinking About Going Natural? Read This!

As you all know by now it seems as if everyone..Well NOT everyone.. Is going NATURAL!! Well here is my concern about all of this. Yiu have a lot of beauties who want to go natural without having a PLAN!I’m natural girl. And I have been natural for about 2 years now. I had .YES.. I said had a head full of beautiful curls. But I decided to wanted to blow my hair out and FORGOT that will alter my curl pattern by doing so. Well that is exactly what happened. My hair now is a HOT mess! I have a combination of textures going on. Straight, tight curls and loose curls all on my head all at one time..Lol…Any how..I don’t want you all to make the same mistake as myself . Soooooo with all that being said I have created a list of things to think about before you decide if going natural is a right fit for you. Keep in mind I’m not trying to discourage you. I just don’t want you to waste time and money if you decide you want to go through the transition.

1. What styles will I wear?
2. Do I want to wear my hair in it’s natural state or wear in blown out?
Keep in mind if you decide to wear it blown out you will risk altering your curl pattern.
3. How much time do I really want to spend styling and maintaining this natural hair?
I have a lot of people think maintaining natural hair is easy or they feel like they don’t have to maintain it as much! Well let me break it down to you . Natural hair is HIGH MAINTAINCE! And depending on the your hair texture, your hair will require more attention .
4. Do I want to spend the extra cash it will take to grow it out and to maintain my natural hair?
Please keep in mind styling natural hair actually cost you more money to maintain than it is to keep up relaxed hair! For example..the average cost to blowout natural hair is $40 and up/ relaxed hair is $30.
***Please Consult with your stylist if you have one before you decide to make that. Big Chop!

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