My Hair Trimming Truth!!!

Let me start off by saying …..MY SWEET LORD!!!!!! If one more person tell me that their stylist told them….. “if you cut the ends of your hair then your it will grow faster”…I’m going to freakin scream. Girls listen up!!!! Let me be the one to tell you all the MY truth . Cutting/Trimming  the ends of your hair WILL NOT WILL NOT make your hair grow faster!!! LOL…… Its sounds stupid! ( ROLLING MY EYES)……… The ends of your hair has nothing at all to do with how fast your hair grows from your heads. Cutting /Trimming the ends of your hair will Only do Two Things for you.  1. Give your hair a Healthier Appearance/ Stay Healthy and   2. Maintain your Style ! That is all…… And if i have any stylist reading this post and is  guilty of tell such a story. You all need to cut it out !!!!  LYING to your clients !!!! #SMH.   OK, now that i got that out the way… MOVING ON……All  you natural Hair beauties listen up,  this is for you. If you decide that you need to get a your ends trimmed, (In which i would highly recommend you all do and On an as needed basis of course)   Have your stylist blow your hair out on a cool / warm setting before trimming your ends. NOt bone straight.This is something I DO and i find it to be a very useful  way of giving a proper trim . I find it difficult to see split ends when the hair is wet. Depending of the texture of your hair. This is recommended for you girls you have a tight coil patterned hair) …….I find it very hard to see the hair true condition if it’s all coiled up and running in fifty million directions .Don’t get me wrong , you can look and feel the hair and determine one’s hair condition. But truth of the matter is,  your hair isn’t all one length. So you will have a short pieces hiding amongst the rest of your hair. Which will make it difficult to see . IN MY OPINION….. I already  know someone is going to say its untrue and you can give a proper cut on Natural wet Hair. Which is a true statement. IM not saying ALL you Natural girls should have your stylist do this . It’s all optional at the end of the day. I know some people don’t like heat at all . Which is cool. AS a stylist who have styled just about every Hair texture in the world. I find it makes it a little easier to see the hair condition with the naked eye . Also this will  help  your stylist  suggest  a salon treatment and /or home care remedy to help you maintain your hair after you leave the salon.

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