The power of Saran Wrap!

Only using saran wrap to cover food is a thing of the past. Now days, you can not only cover your food , but can use it for many salon services. You see, im all about saving money when I can . Once I saw that you can process hair color, create bodywrapping,set your Dobbie Wrap, and give a deeper conditioning treatment using saran wrap I got super excited. I was using those shrink plastic caps which cost me about $5 for a pack of 3. But now i can buy a pack of saran plastic wrap for $4 for 200sq ft. and it gives me 30 or more uses. Yes Honey i said. 30 or more uses.You do the math. (BIG Smile On My Face)…Below is a collage of me using the plastic wrap to process hair color on my assistant.


The color outcome was Amazing! The color didnt run all over the place and I didnt even have to add the cotton around her hair line. I have also used it for all the things I mentioned above . Amazing Results ! You girls must try this! GLAD Cling Wrap gets 5★★★★ from me!

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