The Ombre Technique!

I remember when growing your color out was horrible. It meant you were broke, unfashionable, and the bud of a joke. Now, grow out that color, and you’re the life of the party….ombre

The Ombre Hair Technique
This hot hair trend is a cute look that is almost identical to grown out hair color, except is fashionably on purpose. Think of it as your hair taking a dip in a wonderful color pool…When done the right way, it should look very natural. With the ombre hair technique, the color normally fades from dark to ombre

This is one of the few styles that actually looks good on mostly anyone. In addition, if you’re a low maintenance kinda gal, you will love the ombre hair technique! If you’re someone trying hair color for the first time, this is a great option to see how the color would look on you without committing.

What to ask before you choose the ombre hair technique
Before you get all stuck on the ombre, there are some questions you should ask yourself. I know some of you are like, “It’s just a hairstyle. It’s not that deep.” Well, it can be. This can prevent disappointment.

1.Do I love the look?
2.Am I low maintenance?
3.What light color do I want to try?
4.Do I love to wear my hair curly or straight?
say what

There’s quite a bit to consider before choosing the ombre hair technique for your next style. You should love the look. After all, it’s going on your head. You must love it & own it!

You know if you’re low maintenance. Here’s a test: In a perfect world, would you love it if all you do was wake up, shake your hair, & go? Then, you’re low maintenance, which means the ombre hair technique is perfect for you!

Color is always exciting because it gives you a different look. Going from black to blonde or trying a new red or brown can do wonders! Unfortunately, color isn’t that easy to experiment with. So, the ombre hair technique is the solution for you. Try the color & just see how it looks!

This last one is probably my favorite as it’s a pretty hard decision. Curly or straight….That is the question. I’ve personally done bone straight, kinda straight, curly, super curly, relaxed curls, etc…..Luckily, with the ombre hair technique, I don’t have to decide. I can wear it straight one day & curly the next.

The ombre hair technique gives a lot of versatility.
Will you be going ombre?

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