Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham Lip Injections goes wrong!!

WELLLLLL. Let me see how i’m going to start off my post..Hmmmmmmmm…….First off i always say..” you have to love the skin your in and appreciate the beauty god has created”. Don’t get me wrong, i know there is something about each and everyone of us we  would like something to change. But at what cost ! i have seen numerous stories on the news about someone getting seriously injured or even losing their life. It looks like Teen Mom Star Farrah Abraham decides that she wants fuller lips and had an allergic reaction to the Injection Filler. I Remember when she was on the Bethany Show talking about all the other procedures she had done in the past and talking about how she plucked her daughter’s brows. In my opinion she could have  just stopped at the breasts implants . I always thought she was a cute girl. But hey , you get a couple of dollars in the bank and you go for what you know.

Hopefully after this she will stop with the procedures.. Good Luck to her…..




Before she went under the knife: In May 2010 at the Teen Moms Tell All Panel for National Day To Prevent Teen Pregnancy Day in New York when Farrah had yet to experiment with plastic surgery

Before Picture!! Cute Girl….

Not a flattering comparison: The former porn star was compared to Turanga Leela from Futurama 

Reaction to the Injections….Her Twin to the Right…LOL….



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