Super Foods That Contain Biotin You Should Know About!

Growing your tresses long, Natural and healthy seems to be the #1 thing popping these days in the world of AFRO Hair! Every time you turn around some is posting a new potion or pill you can take to help you grow your Hair! GUILTY! LOL.. I do promote taking anything within reason that will help Healthy Hair. One of the favorite vitamins i do suggest is Biotin , also called vitamin H. Biotin is one of those key Vitamins that are needed to help assist in growing your tresses and among other things. While doing a little research i found that certain foods and snacks some of us are eating everyday contains a small amount of Biotin.This was something i was really excited about. I and a few people i know HATE to take pills. It’s either we can’t swallow the pill or we forget to take them .

I have been asked by several people, “what’s the average amount a person should take?”. My answer would always be ‘”up to 5000 mcg”. That’s the amount all of my clients use and the results have been amazing. But for those of you who hate taking pills can simply increase the amounts of these superfoods to help with your biotin intake.

FOODS CONTAINING BIOTIN-(3-8.5 mcg. per serving)
Tuna,pork,banana,papaya,Carrots,avocado,tomato sauce,nonfat milk,salom,swiss chard,sweet potato,haddock,lowfat yogurt,cashes, cooked eggs, peanut butter,almonds,strawberries, cucumbers, and list goes on……..


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