Straighten Natural Hair with NO Heat!

I have a Public service announcement to make!   To all my natural hair Girls i have stubbled up on a Company by the name of CWK Girls who has created  a tool that will according to them  , ”  Will straighten Wavy, Curly, and Kinky Textured hair with out the use of heat.” I found the company on instagram (@cwk_girls) searching around as i would normally do and i found this tool to be interesting so i decided to do a Google searching.

Well this is what i found…. They have a campaign up on in which they had a pledge of $8000, but successfully received over $24,000 from over 500 backers. …As stated above, this is a heat free straightening tool. You can pledge for the tool from $5 up to $1000. The more money you pledge, the more Straight Plates you get along with other items. I think the creater Kelechi Bradley created something in my opinion awesome. Beauties FYI i didn’t purchase the plates as of yet, but i do plan to purchase a set and see how well they work.

From the pictures i’ve seen the results are great. I did also read  you can add heat if necessary , but not required. On the you tube video i did see it  showed she used heat to dry the hair faster which did  give good results. But…. my concern will be how the hair will look  on the kinky girls who choose not to use heat at all. Will the look be wearable ……HMMMMMMM. ….Only time will tell… I will be on the lookout for pictures and reviews from those who purchased the tool ….. To Be Continued……..





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