Spring 2014 Fashion Week Recap!

Happy Day Fashionistas and HAIR Beauties!Well Spring Fashion Week has come to an end like 2 months ago. Lol. Please don’t shoot me!! I know I’m sooooooo behind.But asyou all know, some of the biggest fashion designers in the world displayed what will be hitting the stores soon.Honey my mouth just drops every time I see one of my favorite designers display something I’m so in love with and I can only dream of the garment draping on my body.
Truth be told my money can afford some and the rest I can only dream of.(TearDrops:'()..Lol…But as they say “Better late than Never”…Like Always I’m super excited to give a little recap of some of the designers designs that hit the runway this season.Enjoy.Muah!Screenshot_2013-02-12-11-04-04Screenshot_2013-02-12-11-05-15-1Screenshot_2013-02-12-11-04-09-2


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