Solange’s Hair was just compared to Dog’s Mane!

Tabloids are truly known for throwing shade at celebrities. It doesn’t matter what it’s for. The way they look, what they say, or even what hell they eat. If it’s some good SHADE, they will throw  it. Well it looks like IN Touch Weekly  threw some Shade at  Solange ! Yes , Beyonce’s Amazingly Beautiful sister.  Her Natural Tresses was compared to a cute little YorkiePoo named Jackie. They  was dead wrong for this. #SMH…….. The dog’s owner , Brian Murray Jr. they person who sent in the submission , said “They rock the same Hairdo – and he is very loyal to his”. OK , soooooooo what is that suppose to mean! “He is loyal to his…….LOL , i don’t even know who i should be mad at. In Touch Weekly for printing this mess or the dog’s owner for submitting the Image to the magazine. Either way Solange should be mad as Heck for This. This got me feeling some kinda way. But , before i get my panties all in a bunch i do have to remember it is ALL SHADE and it is the Tabloids i’m reading.  Straight #ENTERTAINMENT


Image: Instagram @theshaderoom


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