SAD NEWS: Miss Jessie’s Co-Founder, Titi Branch, Dies At 45 Of Alleged Suicide/ Hello Beautiful


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Co-founder of Miss Jessie’s, a leading company in the natural hair care industry, Titi Branch (pictured above on the left) died on Dec. 4, 2014 in an apparent suicide due to asphyxia, as reported in NV Magazine. Titi was 45-years-old.

As one half of the mega hair care and styling brand, Titi originally created the brand’s signature Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding® for the Brooklyn curly hair salon that she ran with her sister, Miko. It wasn’t long after that when product sales exploded and the company named after the sister’s no-nonsense grandmother became a household name. As one of the first major hair care lines to sit on the shelves of Target, Miss Jessie’s is considered a pioneer in the natural hair movement. 

News of Titi’s death and funeral spread via social media earlier today as a family friend confirmed the tragedy to The Washington Post. While an official statement from the family is expected to be released later this week, Titi’s sister and friends of the brand have tweeted their condolences.

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