Retaining Moisture in the Winter

Retaining Moisture in the Winter


They say let it snow… I say let it go! Yes, we are all aware of how harsh the cold weather can be not only on our skin but hair as well. Especially dealing with a hair texture that’s already naturally dry in texture the cold weather only amplifies that dryness.So what’s a girl to do? Well here are several options:
  •  Protective styling:

When the ends of your hair are tucked away it allows for not only decreased manipulation of the hair but better moisture retention. Moisture escapes through the ends of our hair so keeping them tucked away in braided styles or buns help eliminate this. Just remember to keep your style moisturized when needed otherwise it can be counterproductive.

  • Conditioning on the go

My personal favorite! Not only is this method beneficial but it allows for you to master the fine art of multitasking! To do this technique you would coat your hair in a moisturizing conditioner, ( concentrating primarily on the ends ) and cover with a plastic cap. I like to have fun with this method by incorporating a cute Beenie cap for a chic look. No one will ever know you’re conditioning your hair! After you run your errands, and rinse out your conditioner,your hair will be extremely moisturized and soft.

  • Greenhouse effect:

Similar to the last method and also very easy. Before bed you would spritz your hair with water and then cover with a plastic cap. You would then go to bed with it on. The cap acts as a humidifier and multiplies the water particles beneath. The heat generated from your head allows for your cuticle to gently open thus making the moisture easier to enter the hair strand. In the morning you would just proceed with sealing the moisture; which brings me to my final method:

  •    Proper sealing of moisture:

Water is always the first thing to touch by hair when moisturizing. It’s the best thing for hair that’s naturally dry, but we have to remember to seal in that moisture too. Water can evaporate from the hair shaft which is why it is important to seal with an oil and/or butter. They act as a protective barrier, and keep the moisture from escaping the hair strand. In the winter I like to seal with both an oil and a butter. Remember; water motorizes, ( whether it’s water or water based leave ins ) and oils ( oil based products and butters) seal.

Achieving healthy natural hair can be challenging at times but it’s all trial and error. Listen and pay attention to your hair. See what techniques and products work. Don’t use a method or product on your hair if it isn’t necessarily working. Even if it’s a well know method or product know that all hair is different. Everything won’t work on your hair, and that’s ok! Be receptive to knew ideas but always do what’s best for you! 🙂

Article by : Naomi Elizabeth Smith/

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