Remy verse Virgin Hair! Whats the Difference.

Virgin Hair is the talk of the town in every city. At least every major City. For those of you reading this and don’t know what virgin hair is or where it comes from, let me explain. You see, Virgin hair is hair that hasn’t been processed in any way. This means the hair hasn’t been processed in any way with chemicals AT ALL. This hair comes from donors and indian people who go to temples and their heads are then shaved and hair is then sold to the highest bidder. Sounds crazy!! Ok now that we got that out the way . Now in goint to explain the difference between Remy and Virgin hair. Remy is a term used by hair manufactures to describe in their opinion as being the highest quality hair in the business.Remy means hair that has been cut from only one donor’s scalp and the cuticle is still intact and is lying in the same direction . There are hundreds of hair companies on the market that claim to have VIRGIN REMY HAIR. But how in the world could hair be VIRGIN REMY if on the package the color say its #1 jet black or #1b off black color and not Natural Virgin Tone. Boy oh Boy!! lol ! Virgin hair means NO CHEMICALS ! If the company adds color to the hair ,then it is no longer Virgin Remy! Its just plain Remy Hair! Got it !…. Good!…Moving On. Then we have whats called Non Cuticle Remy Hair. This hair is hair that has been dipped in acid and the cuticle is then removed from the hair and is coated with a gloss to give the hair a luster shine. To me, now this just my opinion. I don’t like this hair at all . After shampooing this hair a few times it will matt up and give you major problems.This is what the majority of hair companies are selling you all. Ladies please dont be fooled! These companies will sell you anything to make a dollar. So, who do you choose? Remy Cuticle or Virgin ! I choose virgin hair HANDS down ! One… Virgin hair last longer! Two…… Virgin hair can be custom colored! Three….It makes your weaves look 100% Natural! Full of Body and Bounce! Im not trying to say Package Remy Cuticle is bad and you shouldnt buy it . But, its not my cup of tea! ( In my Wendy William Voice)! I hope this was helpful. Until next time Beauties!! Have a Happy Hair Day!!! Muah!!!

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