Pedicure No No!!!!

Nail Divas,

 The subject today is Pedicures….. Yes everyone loves them it is the best pampering of the century in my opinion, however here are a couple of no no tips for the toes/feet. DO NOTshave prior to a pedicure although we hate the embarrassment of the stubbies shaving can allow for any bacteria to set in and cause infection. DO NOT use a razor it is a temporary fix for smooth heels; the back lash is an over growth of skin by the time the next pedicure is due right along with possible infection, discoloration, need I say more? DO NOT use dark polish to cover up seriously discolored toe nails, the discoloration is usually a sign of fungal infection so the polish will not allow for the nail bed to get the proper air that they will need to heel which by the way should be looked at by a trustee Podiatrist….Till next time ladies!

Tj Parker Nail Pro

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