Paul Mitchell Frizz-Fighting Detangling Conditioner Review!

Let me start off by saying that i am a true die hard fan when it comes to Paul Mitchell Products.This is why i am overly excited when i was able to try this new product! (Im such a Product Junkie)..LOL.. recieved this product free from Cosmoproof ,a pro beauty supply store located in the North Tampa Area in Tampa Bay. One of the store workers was telling me all about how great this product was and gave me a sample bottle to try. Well, I tried it the very  next morning. Girls! Paul Mitchell didnt let me down. As a matter of fact, i didnt even wash out the conditioner. I decided to leave it in my hair and see  how well it will work as a leave in. It did just fine. HEY, im not telling you all to do this by no means. But, it was wonderful for me and my Virgin Brazilian Curly Hair extensions Im wearing by Glamtress Hair Extensions. (BY THE WAY) is the most wonderful hair in the world. ( Promo).LoL..I posted a few pictures to show how well my hair looked before and after. I give this product ★★★★★ out 5★……….


PAUL Mitchell Curls Detangle Conditioner


My before!


My results after I my hair dried with the conditioner left in it…

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