NYX Cosmetics at Nordstrom Rack!!

Let me start off by saying that I’m a true die-hard bargain shopper! Yes I said BARGAIN SHOPPER!…. Well im in Nordstrom Rack and I stumbled up on a sign that said NYX!! Some may say “So What Qyla” and I would say “Laud Yes “! Super Excited ! For starters let me tell you, even though they don’t have an abundant of makeup selection. BUT , they do have an assortment of eyeliner pencils, lip glosses, foundations, eye shadow primers, and eyeshadow. Beauties the NYX lip glosses are poppin! My favorite is Sugar Pie!! I’m a sucker for a really good lip gloss. Especially the glosses that give you moisture and shine !! They have a 3 piece set called NYX Kiss The Stars for only $9.97! You get my fav Sugar Pie, Beige, and Natural. Honey you can’t beat that!! You all know MAC glosses are $14 a pop!! I’m sweating just thinking about the price!..Wait! Hold on! What im sweating for ! I Get a DISCOUNT!! ♥ MY 40% ! Thanks. MAC!! SORRY BEAUTIES I GOT SIDE TRACKED!!Lol..Also they have the eye pencil Milk! Which is the white pencil which is great to apply to your eyelids before adding eyeshadow. Because their eye pencils arr so creamy they apply easy and make your eyeshadow colors pop. I believe they had an eyeshadow pallet from Urban Decay and StillA also.It was a few other brands i cant remember. Beauties Please go and check them out! Great makeup at a discount price! #Pow!!!20121216_16

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