My Nutra Nail Gel Perfect Polish Review

A few weeks ago i purchased Nutra Nail Gel Polish and decided i wanted to try to save some money by doing my own manicure! I usually would go every to weeks to have them done. Which would cost me $10 if i was getting a basic mani or $25-$35 if i was getting gel polish. So I’m spending like $20-$35 a month and $240 -$ $420 a year. Ok  so like I said i want to save money so i tried this brand to see if i would like it.



This is what came inside of the box. Activator/Polish/Brush Cleaner



Did my own manicure!!! I think i did a good Job!


Applied the Activator to my nails. I did allow it to dry a little before i added the polish! BEWARE… the smell of the activator is STRONG.



Applied the Gel Polish .. The directions say it will dry rock hard in 5 minutes!……….


I love the color! I hate that  30 minutes later  my nails are not rock hair. If you decide to use this product i would use a Uv lamp . I Gave this product 1 Star…











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