My Lemon and Baking Soda Facial Mask Review!

A few weeks ago i found a natural face mask on-line that consisted of mixing Lemons and baking soda together. The article said that this mask will exfoliate , cleanse oily skin, even your skin tone, prevent buildup from clogging the pores and causing breakouts just to name a few. Although i don’t have acne and my skin is a good condition i do have slightly dark spots under and over my right eye due to allergies and eczema. I wanted to try this to see if i would see some improvement with my dark marks.

I started by mixing 3 tea spoons of baking soda and squeezed fresh lemon juice together . Mix together until it forms a paste. I’m not exactly sure how much juice i squeezed , but use enough so its pasty NOT milky. Oh and don’t be alarmed by the fizzing ..LOL…Trust me , i was a little nervous. Once mixed, I applied it all over my face. I did feel a little tingle but it wasn’t for long. I left the mask on my face for about 20 min. The mask will harden and will flake off…. So be careful  not to make facial expressions.






After about 20 minutes of marinating. I applied a little water to my face  and proceeded to gently rub my face just a little to exfoliate it . Rinsed with warm water ,pat dry, then applied a facial  moisturizer. I can honestly say my face really felt refreshed. And  beings that this was my first application, i didn’t see any changes in the dark spots on my face.  I’m going to continue doing this and let you all know how well it worked for me.

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