My Heat Free Journey Has Begun!

A few days ago, I was having a serious melt down  about my hair. I decided to remove  my weave and my hair was a HOT  mess.  It looked like I was attacked by killer birds. LOL……..My hair had serious heat damage  to it. Some of my hair was straight, curly , and wavy all at the same time. Hmmmm,  a few of your reading know exactly what  I was working with. Oh….. and my hair was shaved on both sides also . Yes,   I was rockin a jacked up  mohawk . I let my hair stay that way for about two days until I came to conclusion that i had to figure something out. I had the option to A. Blowout it out AGAIN/ shave the sides back off or B. Cut it all off and let it grow back in Evenly. Welllllllll……… I decided to choose B…. Yes, im Bald all over again. I didn’t cut it to low, but i did just enough to show off my lovely curls. And can I tell you all something… Ya girl is SOOOOOOOOO happy I did it. I have what I  call #STRESSFREEHAIR…… I wake up , add a little product , and go!! Thank the Lord I  Have Indian in my blood line. Just so you all know, that drop of blood saved my life. LOL…I have Curls for Days…… And I’m Loving it……..

Serious Face!!!! The challenge for me with my Heat Free Journey will be to stay away from the heat. I believe I can seriously do it this time around. I’m  guessing  I’m  going to have to make me a WHOLE WHOLE lot of Wigs …. LoL… But I’m  excited to see how long I can grow it out without having the urge to cut it or blow it out. I promise I will add new photos every few months so I can show you all that I put my flat-iron to rest….

My fresh new Cut!

My fresh new Cut!


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