I Love Natural Hair!!!





thumbnailCAJ1QJD7Public Service Announcement!!!!!! I LOVE MY RELAXED HAIR!!!… Ooops… My apologies, I was trying to announce the fact that I LOVE MY NATURAL HAIR. I must have been going through a withdrawal and reminiscing on my “creamy crack” (relaxed hair) days and typed the wrong word… Anywho! (yes, anywho)..  My natural hair has proven to be healthier, stronger and, to my surprise, versatile. I can wear my hair naturally curly and straight, with the help of a good flat iron and blow dryer! I have found that my natural hair is also able to endure the tug and pull of braids… It just doesn’t get any better than that! Who should wear natural hair? I’m soooo glad that you asked! I highly recommend natural hair for the BEAUTIES that are weave queens! (I know it’s not politically correct to say weave queens, but this a hair blog… lighten up!)  I mean, what’s the point of relaxing hair that will never be seen?!?! You may beg to differ, but I just so happen to be a weave queen myself and it made more sense for me to let go of my “creamy crack” addiction and embrace my natural tresses. Besides, I’ve noticed that there isn’t any damage to my natural hair after my I remove my “borrowed” hair… Excuse me!!… I’ve noticed that there isn’t any damage to my natural hair after I remove my hair extensions… The “going natural” journey can be a major headache, (to be honest, it makes you want to slap the first relaxer that you come across in your hair… No LYE), but it is worth it in the end. Natural hair isn’t for everyone, but it might just be for YOU!!! You’ll never know unless you give it a  try. Go ahead! Give it chance! Besides, you can always go back to the “creamy crack”… (I think I’ll get that copyrighted!!)  Calm down, this is not an attempt to attack the BEAUTIES that decide to relax their hair… I’m just a “Natural” BEAUTY and I’m loving it!

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