How to Wear Weave Successfully!


There’s a growing trend in the African American community: Women wearing natural hair!  I love seeing and feeling the different textures of the kinks & curls!  It’s quite fascinating.   The journey of the naturalista has bumps, bends, and turns….Truth!

Guess what?  Weave can help!

How to Wear Weave Successfully

Depending on who you talk to, Weave can be this ugly monster!  It gets a bad rap because some women wear it wrong, and some stylists don’t install it correctly!  So, I’m hear to give the scoop on how to wear weave successfully!

Let’s first get down to the why of weave!  Why should a woman with Natural Hair, or beginning their natural journey, invest in weave?  There are many reasons, but I’ve narrowed the list down to just a few.

1.  Decreased Manipulation

There’s much to do when wanting a particular curl or style to your natural mane.  The wrong product, inexperienced hands, etc….can lead to weird hair!  If your weave is worn right, it can actually strengthen your natural hair!

2. A Smoother Natural Journey

Many are afraid of the big chop.  Some experience damage growing out their perm.  Wearing a weave successfully can give you a smoother journey.  Not every woman is comfortable with short hair.  Weave adds an extra ease for you!

3.  The Protector

Ever got caught in the rain?  How about dealing with an extra sunny hot day….That can negatively affect your natural hair!  With weave, you’ve got a bodyguard on your head.  Plus, you’re free to use the heat you need!

4.  Flexibility

Changing your natural hair daily, even weekly, can be a time consuming task!  What product will give you the slicked, tamed edges?  How can you get your curls to lay down just right?  Headband or not?  These are styling decisions that have to be made frequently!   Weave adds flexibility to your regimen!  Whether you want it short, long, colored, curly, straight, etc……You can safely make those changes quite often with weave!

So, Tell Us How to Wear Weave Successfully

I knew you’d ask….lol!  First, let me disclose:  This is NOT the end all be all answer on how to wear weave successfully.  This is merely just some tips I put together to help your weave look be more glamorous and assist you in your natural hair journey!

  • Buy quality hair!  I LOATHE seeing bad hair!  If it sheds constantly, feels hard, it’s too cheap, RUN!  Investing in good hair is how to wear weave successfully, for starters.
  • Your stylist must know the ins and outs on how to style the weave, and he or she should be able to guide you in caring for your natural hair after your installation.  If they only install, your stylist is pretty much saying they hope your hair falls out!  Education is a must when knowing how to wear weave successfully!
  • Lastly, the most important piece how to wear weave successfully is YOU!  That’s right!  You’ve got to know how to maintain it.  It’s ok to ask your stylist for tips.  Friends can be great resources too!  You’ve invested money on the hair & style.  What’s the since in not taking care of it?  ~ how to wear weave successfully!

Thanks for learning how to wear weave successfully!

Sharing is caring!  What helps you wear your weave successfully?  Post your comments below!


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