How To Wear A Weave Successfully Part2!

Hey beauties. I had to do a part 2 on how to wear weave successfully! When making a decision, it’s always easy to point out the good, but when you start discussing the bad, people tend to get quiet.


How to Wear Weave Successfully: Part Deux
Weave is a beautiful accessory. It can take your look from blah to chic. On the other hand, worn incorrectly, it can be a hair nightmare.

Imagine the sides of your hair looking like the picture above! All you were trying to do was look your best and add a little variety to your style. Among African American women, this is very common. With a lot of hair pulling, ponytails, tight weaves….your hair can experience this horrible reaction.

How to Wear Weave Successfully ~ Make sure your natural hair isn’t too tight or stressed under your extensions.
2. Neglecting Your Hair


Just because you can’t see your hair doesn’t mean the care for it doesn’t exist. What I mean is weave doesn’t erase the moisture and maintenance that your natural hair needs! How to Wear Weave Successfully? Be sure to moisturize your hair and scalp. A good oil will do you some justice.

3. Take Care of that Weave

I’m not saying you need to hang your hair on hangers, but hair and the installation are investments. Investments are made to get returns. Why spend that money and not take care of your weave? It need shampooing, conditioning, moisturizing, and styling just like your real hair. Do all these, and you’ll be demonstrating how to wear weave successfully.


4. Lastly, be smart with your money. Remember your weave and natural hair have to be maintained. If it’s too much for you, budget to go to a stylist maybe once or twice a month. You owe it to yourself to look your best! Make the most of your new hair!

Did I leave anything out? What’s your how in how to wear weave successfully? Leave a comment below!

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