Hair Vitamin Smoothie!!

Let me start off by saying Happy NEW Year to all of you beautiful hair gurus. I’m Happy to report that my year has kicked off to a much healthier start. I’ve been trying out a few new recipes  to help me intake more nutrients and Vitamins to help promote better growth for my mind, body , soul and my Head full of Natural curls. #TeamNatural…..LOL….I can admit that i HATE taking vitamins and it has been a little challenging trying to incorporate more fruits and veges in my diet. I can honestly say i have more energy than usual. I found this really cool website  called  online. It has every recipe under the sun from smoothies – chicken pot pie. This site  has really helped me out Tremendously !  So please check it out. While visiting the site, i found how to make so many delicious smoothies.  Oh FYI this was my very first time EVER making a smoothie too. I was so proud of myself.. LOL.. Usually i  go and buy them from Smoothie King. But a sister is on a budget so i decided to try to make them at home myself. One thing i  did  love about the Smoothie Recipes on the site  is how easy and quick they were to make. The Vitamin Smoothie i’m going to tell you all how to make today is full of everything that will help keep you with a head full of healthy hair.  The one thing i always tell my clients is  ….. ” Healthy hair starts from within ! And if you have unhealthy insides it will show all over your hair. If you can’t swallow your vitamins  , then you need to drink them “……Here is how i made my Hair Vitamin Smoothie…….


1 Cup of Raw Spinach, ! cup of Cucumbers, 1 Ripe banana, 1 Cup of fresh Strawberries, 1 Cup of Sweetened Vanilla Almond Milk  ( i used the Blue Diamond brand ) , 4 cubs of ice, one serving of a  multivitamin or hair/skin/nails vitamin.

How to prepare

1. Get your Multivitamin and place it in a pill grinder or Mortar and grind the pill until it is totally looks sand.

2. Place all ingredients in the blender and blend until its completely smooth. 10-20 seconds depending on the speed of your blender.

Quick Easy Simple!!!!!I know once its all blended together its going to look A little to Green and Crazy. But it was really good .  Please try it out and tell me what you think. Enjoy….

Hair Vitamin Smoothie

Hair Vitamin Smoothie

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