My Hair regimen for Winter Months!

Omg I can’t freakin wait until the cold weather is here. As a Coco girl living in Florida my entire life , you would think I would enjoy the hot weather and not the cold. News Flash, I hate the Hot Florida weather. It’s Humid /Sticky AND my hair nor skin likes it. Don’t get me wrong , I don’t like 10 degree Brick NYC cold . But, I do enjoy a cool breeze from time to time.

As the winter  months start approaching, I do change up my daily regimen to add a better protection for my hair from the cold weather. Starting with my shampoos.I usually shampoo my hair just about everyday during the summer months . During the winter I limit how often I shampoo my hair due to me not wanting to walk in the cold with wet hair and me feeling like because its cooler it’s just not needed .

My Hair oils of choice would be a much heavier one like Jamacian Castro oil and Olive oil combined. Their thicker oils that helps to seal and protect my hair better than the coconut oil I usually use during the summer season.Side Note: You shouldn’t use coconut oil alone during  winter . The oils will harden on the hair  once the temperature hits below 76 F / 24 C degree. If you must use it, it is best to mix it with a heavier oil.

The oil is applied directly on the hair and scalp, covered for about 10 minutes, and shampooed lightly right after. I do this once a week and don’t heat the oil either just to be honest. You can heat the oil before adding to your hair. I just figure  I’m going under a heated dryer so what’s the point in heating my oil twice .#IJS

My conditioning and styling products of choice don’t really change. Influence Moisturizing Conditioner and Twist  Define Cream By Kera Care always work well with my hair year round.

twist and define



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