Hair loss!! Why do we lose it!..

Throughout our life we will at some point start to loss hair.There are many reasons on why we lose hair.But finding the cause will help you find a solution. Most people normally shed 50-100 hairs a day. If you are shedding more than this, then you are experiencing some sort of Hair Lose Problem. As people start to age, your hair tends to gradually thin.Some causes of hair loss includes stress, medications , hormone changes,health conditioned,thyroid,Alopecia,scalp infections, improper hair styling, dht, and also just plain hereditary .Now most of these issues can be treated with a simple life style change and or medications. One of the over the counter treatments which is commonly used is called Minoxidil or Rogain. Which can be purchased in liquid or Foam form. This item can be found at most of your drug stores. Another solution will be changing your life style. Eating healthy and exercise on a regular basis will help with relieving stress.which is another common hair loss problem. If you are suffering due improper hair styling , meaning over processing of hair chemicals or pulling your hair way to tight. You all simply need to change your hair stylist And find someone who SPECIALIZE in ONLY HEALTHY HAIR CARE..If you are on medication or is suffering from health conditions ,I do know this is a hard one considering this is something that is hard to find a solution for. One med in particular I know that will have you loosing hair is high blood pressure medication. I have a few clients that are dealing with this issue as we speak. Now what I do recommend is if any of you is receiving any chemical services like relaxers. You all should stop getting them and go natural. I know some of you are thinking this might be impossible to do because your is tighter than shoe string in 10 knots. Lol.. But honestly my clients hair is doing a 100% better. Infrared light/low-level treatments have been known to help since it improves blood flow,oxygen, and nutrient delivery. The last one I want to talk about is DHT. What is DHT? …if you’re wondering … Well DHT or Dihydrotestosterone is a male sex hormone but can also be found in some women. DHT plays a big part in hair loss. Hair loss happens when the hair follicle becomes sensitive to the DHT. Some of you maybe familiar with the term Male Pattern Balding. This is when you start to loose your hair at the crown area of your head. When your DHT reaches the dermal papilla of the hair( dermal papilla is responsible for the growth of hair) the follicles shrink ,resulting in a short life span , and then you will began to loose your hair. There are solutions to this problem. DHT blockers , herbs saw
palmetto,nizoral shampoo. These will help block the androgen / DHT and eliminate the yeast. Beauties I hope this information I provided will help you with your hair loss issues. But until next Time Beauties ! Have a Happy Hair Day! Xoxo…..heat_damage

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