Hair Energizer Juice!

These days it seems as if EVERYBODY i the world is trying to find something on the market that will grow their hair in a flash. Im talking about Hair Skins and Nails supplements to pouring some home-made concoction on top of their heads. If somebody say it works  Honey Chile they are buying it or trying to make it. LOL.. Including me!!! All though I’ve  never had  trouble growing my hair. BUTTTTTTT with all the stress I got going on HONEY I need to be taking something to grow my tresses back! My hair is so thin  when the wind blows it whistles. #SMH


I was on the online looking for a new smoothie or juice receipt  and i stumbled up on this website called Juice My Fro.  Just a quick over view ….it’s an e-book on How to grow your natural hair longer and faster by juicing. The e-book is on site You can download the book online  for $9.99.  Although I’m pretty sure the book is worth every dollar. Butttttt ya girl is always looking to save a dollar also. I decided to research a little more to see if i could find a few recipes for FREE. On my search i found one of the recipe on a website called Naturally On it i found the Day 3 receipt.


>1 cup of Alfalfa Sprouts

>4 Red or romaine lettuce leaves

>1 large lemon

>1 large carrot

> 1/2 Cucumber

(BLANK STARE)….Well this don’t look like its going to be tasty AT ALL. But I’m pretty sure it will do the trick. I hope! LOL. I must say that  I’m going to try this juice receipt this weekend. Cross My finger! Scouts Honor! So you all stay Tuned!!! I will most def let you all know it goes ! Muah!!

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