Hair Botox! The new kid on the block!

Hello beauties!!! Well well well! We have a new product on the block. It’s called hair Botox. Yes loves! Botox for our Hair. I actually found out about this one particular product called HAIR BOTOX by reading one of my friend’s post on Facebook. As most of you all know Im a product junkie ,so I decided to do a little research on this product. This is what I found out. Not only there is the hair product called “HAIR BOTOX” but L’Oreal lauched a new in salon treatment called Professional Fiberceutic Fiber Filling Treatment. They say it is a” magic molecule that is promised to smooth away split ends and the signs of damaged hair”. Sounds kinda Familiar. hmmmmm. Okkkkkk. And then there’s the Hair Botox company . This company claims it is “a revolutionary treatment which focuses on restoring lost protein into the hair,strand by strand .From the root to the ends, each strand is left straight, shiny,soft , and malleable. Hair Botoxwas designed specifically for dull,lifeless hair”. sounds familiar AGAIN. Is it
just me or this sounds like the KERATIN TREATMENTS ,but with a new name. Beauties i tell ya, you just have to love Marketing. These services is a three step process. Similar to other keratin treatment companies on the market. But, the one good thing that I did find out about the Hair Botox product is that the company claims that there product contains exclusive blends of natural extracted natural fruits,seeds,oils, and spices from the Amazon Rainforest with complete Eco-responsibility. Oh, and it contains NO Formulahyde. Sounds great! But I wonder how well it works. According to a few reviews I did read on both products, it seems as if the products work really well. Just like the other keratin product services , these two also range in the $100 to$150 per treatment and the both. Last up to 6 weeks or 10 washes..Ouch!!! But considering im a product junkie , Im going go buy both products and review them for myself.


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