Frustrated with your current hair stylist! Things you should do before you book with a New Hair Stylist!

Ok so your current stylist has been getting on your last nerve and you are thinking about kicking her to the curb. She or he is showing up late or keeping you in the salon ALL DAY and ALL Night. Yep, i do understand this all to well, I hear it all the time from my new clients. My old stylist did This or my old stylist did That. Just the thought of you trying to seek out a new stylist will be overwhelming. Especially if you don’t know a lot of people who could possibly refer you to someone else.

When seeking out a new stylist you’re going to either ask a friend, coworker, or even do a Google search. You’re looking at how cute the hair styles are and ready to give him or her a call to book your first appointment. WAIT! Before you do anything i must give you a list of things to do before you make the switch. Switching to a new stylist should NOT be based on how the person can style. I have a list of other things you must look also.

1. Make sure the person is licensed in your state. Also if you’re seeking Regular salon services make sure the license says Cosmetology and Not Hair Braider. Honeyyyyyyyy! There are stylist out here doing relaxer services and are NOT licensed to do so.

2. Visit the salon and take a look around. Make sure the salon is clean and in working order. Online pictures can be very deceiving.

3. Check for reviews. Just because they can cut hair doesn’t mean they are a professional.

4. Find out what products the stylist uses. You want to make sure your using the same products or something similar. 

I know some people are thinking doing these few things might be unnecessary . Let me tell you , as a hairstylist i’ve seen situations where people fail to do a little homework on stylist and end up with missing HAIR! So don’t say I never told you so. Until next time my Beauties! Have a Happy Hair Day ! Muah………



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