Easy Way to Maintain your Hair extensions at night!

How do i maintain my hair extensions at night is the number one questions that is asked by all of my hair weaving clients. How to maintain depends on the hair style and the texture of hair your working with. Examples below will explain how to maintain your Hair while you sleep.
1.Deep Wavy / Curly Hair – Detangle and Braid Plats all over the head.Secure the ends with a small rubber band or bob pin.Then cover head with a Satin Bonnet.

2. Straight Hair – Dobbie wrap or pin curl the hair , secure with bob pins and wrap a satin scarf on your head.

3. Body Wave/ Loose Curly Hair – Loose Braid Plats /Twist Bun/ or Flex Rods. Cover your head with a satin bonnet.

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