Dark Skin and Skin Cancer ! The Two don’t Mix!

Summer time is the WORST time of year for me. As a Dark COCO girl my plans are never to tan or get darker . My friends would usually laugh at me from not wanting to bath in the sun . Ha Ha Ha , But  let me be clear before anyone jump down my neck.  I LOVE , LOVE, LOVE my Extra Dark skin tone! But I too can still get burned by the Florida Sun .

I was reading an article about why it’s important for African American Women / Men to use sun screen. For years I was under the impression that I didn’t need it. Let me rephrase that , I didn’t think I needed to use it on a Daily basis. Only until recently I realized that I do need to use it everyday. Go Figure !

According to Dr.Peredo / Medical Daily ,  Dark skin people are prone to hyper pigmentation –  causing dark marks on the skin, which is dry preventable if you wear sunscreen. Regardless of your skin tone the sun will penetrate deeply into the sin and damage the  DNA of skin cells or could even lead to skin cancer, including Melanoma.

When purchasing sunscreen here is user guide you can go when selecting the correct SPF for your skin type. This is according to Dr. Micheal Camilleri of the Mayo Clinic.

LIGHT Brown – SPF 8-12

MEDIUM Brown – SPF 4-8

DARK Brown – SPF 2-4

Bottom line my good people , PLEASE just use the stuff EVERYDAY! This will help save your skin in the long run. Stay Beautiful !



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