Danity Kane Reuniting!

It has been blogs all over the web reporting that the girl group Danity Kane will be reuniting as group without Diddy! Im unsure about the reasons why they broke up and im not about to get into all of that . But I will be glad to see them make a come back because I always felt like they were all very talented and I loved their music. Beauties I have a confession to make

…Lol.I  do some what care they are getting back together. BUT ,my real reason for this post is ….Honey these Girls are always on point with the hair and fashion selections. Their hair stylist and clothing styling needs a high 5 because Ibhave always loved their looks every time they did a

n apperance to making a video. But I do wish them all the best with reuniting and KEEP THE HAIR AND FASHIONS COMING!  ♥THEMImage

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