Control Those Edges!

Hello Beauties!  I’m so excited to be able to review 3 edge control products that I have personally used.  I have been a loyal extension wearer for a long time and they are now apart of my personality, an accessory if you will.  The bigger the hair, the feistier I feel! LOL…  with every good installation, though, we have those baby hairs aka edges, that like to curl up and throw the entire hairstyle off.  I’ve been on the hunt for several years to find the “right” edge control that works for me. I’m looking for something that will not only hold me down all day, but won’t break the bank.  There’s nothing more frustrating then spending $20 a pop on jars of the next best thing and it doesn’t work.  Yes, yes..I currently have an edge control graveyard on my vanity smh.   I want a product to hold my girls down all day because my hair likes to curl back up quickly with the help of the Tampa humidity.  The right edge control also can’t leave my extensions greasy!  You know what I’m talking about, beauties!  You put that little bit around the perimeter and all of a sudden, your extensions are a bit too shiny.  Last but not least, I need my edge control to not flake up on me…at all!  I can’t do the white film that sticks to my edges so hard that I eventually have to scrub it just to get out…no, no, no! 
I normally go to my late night addiction(YouTube) or word of mouth to find out what’s new and fabulous so I can potentially try it and see if I will finally find my “Perfect Edge Control.”  I’m thinking when I find it, it will be something like a cheesy commercial where I’m smiling so hard while I look in the mirror at my laid edges…LOL.  I’m just saying!  Ok, Ok, I digress….Let’s get busy to with this review.  This week I am bring you 3 products that vary on the price range.  With any product, what works for me, may not work for your hair or vice versa..what doesn’t work for me, may in fact work for you.  These are reviews from my personal use.


1. Ampro Silk Edges With Olive Oil-$3.50
One day a few weeks ago, I was walking up and down the aisles at a local beauty supply store and I was asked if I needed any help.  I of course wanted to know about the newest edge controls out on the market so I was directed to this little number.  Previously, I had been using old school Ampro Pro Style Black Gel, which is great but I was ready to switch it up.  Anyway, I figured Ampro Silk Edges would be a good product because I trusted the Ampro Brand. This edge control is also endorsed by Basketball Wives, Jennifer Williams and her edges are always the truth! Retail price was around $3.50 so I figured, if it didn’t work, it wouldn’t be a big setback in my pocket.  Currently, my hair is natural…oh how I miss my creamy relaxer laying my edges down!  Anyway, I can honestly say that I am loving this product.  The consistency is clear and not very hard, but somehow it does the job.  I tried applying first on slightly wet edges and it slid on effortlessly.  The only issue I had with this product was the longevity.  My edges were laid down for about 2 hours before they started curling back up.  On a scale of 1-5, I would five this product 3 stars and would buy again in a pinch because I like the way my edges looked and reacted to the product- I just wish the hold was longer.
2. Murray’s Supreme Dressing Pomade- $2.50
I saw this product on YouTube last week and it received so many positive reviews that I had to go grab it over the weekend. In one of the YouTube reviews, the reviewer claimed this product held her edges down for 2 days!  I watched  in amazement as she applied it, watched the follow up video and I was officially hooked at that point. Retail value was about $2.50 so I felt it was a win win situation. To my surprise, this might officially be the worse product that my edges have seen so far.  Consistency of the product was waxy because it does contain Petrolatum.  Not only did it hold for all of 5 minutes, but it had my extensions looking sooooo greasy. Sad face.
3.  Influence Glazed Edges- $15
Cue music….Ya’ll see me smiling? LOL!  When I tell you that these Edges are laiddddddddddddd right now, I’m not even exaggerating!  The product is clear and has a medium to hard consistency.  I applied it in the morning, put on my scarf for about 45 mins as I took my daughter to daycare and drove to work.  After about 5 hoursm it was still going strong. Even after the 5 hours though, my edges still look nice and they don’t curl up as much.  I love this product also because I can use it and not worry about it flaking up or getting greasy, which is a huge plus.  On a scale of 1-5, I’m giving this product a 4.

Well, this concludes my review! I’m close to finding the perfect edge control but if you guys have any that have personally worked for you, let me know!  Also, once a week, I will be bringing you all a “Beauty on a Budget” blog that highlights products that are both cost efficient and amazing!
Until next time Beauties, stay fabulous!

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