Company Claims to remove Hair Weaving thread with Ease!

A few days a go one of my  clients asked me have i heard of a product that can melt away  hair weaving thread. I told her i have never of the product and she  proceeded to    showed me a video. The product was called Vanish Max. I can honestly say i was Amazed. The company claims that their product is 100% organic ,Lab tested , and salon Approved! My Only concern would be is it being harmful to the hair and scalp. I really REALLY want to assume its not , considering they did say it was Lab Tested! BUT, is it FDA approved!…..HMMMMMMM.. I can say i’m not going to order it Honestly  because of the price. For $29.99 it comes with 60 yards (180 ft) of thread and 8 oz of V max solution. And the Answer in NO if your going to ask if you can used a different thread.. You have  to use their Thread for the solvent to work. This product  will not last long for me AT ALL. The price is to rich for me!..LOL.. The thread i use cost $8 and i get 219 Yards ! A GOOD $1 STRAIGHT RAZOR ( along with patience) and i can remove a entire head of weave in under 5 minutes.

To each its own is what i always say. I  can’t see myself paying that kind of money for thread and removal. Please don’t get it twisted if the company send it to me for free, then i can see myself using it . #IJS..

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