Bronner Brother Hair Show 2013

Hello Hair beauties!So I decided to go to the Bronner Brother Hair Show in Atlanta this year.One, I havent been to the show in two years. Two, I wanted to see whats the new new on the block. HONEY all I can say is,, there was more hair in the building than hair in a Hair donor temple in india.Lol.Dont get me wrong. I LOVED IT because you all know i Luvs me some good hair weave. BUT OMG it was over the top with the hair extensions companies. In my opinion,it felt as if it was more vendors selling everything under the sun expect Hair products and give you some education.Im not trying to bad mouth Bronner Brother Hair show. BUt I guess I was expecting more considering I haven’t been to BBHS in two years. Same vendors, product vendors, cloths, shoes, cd selling and the list goes on.Beauties the one thing BBHS will give you if nothing else is a show stopping HAIR BATTLE and some CREATIVE hair styles.Now that is what I do LUV about BBHS. I did take some pictures to share with you hair fashionistas.So I hope you all enjoy……PicsArt_136119597721120130218_17174020130218_17034920130218_15243120130217_18535820130217_18534120130217_14531520130217_13531920130217_18531320130217_130641

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