Bright Lips on Dark Skin!

As a dark skin Beauty , I always find it very difficult to choose the right shade of lip color for me. Whenever I look at BEAUTY  ads    I mostly see darker skinned models in very rich darker tones of lip color. Oh My!… I swear it reminds me of the lip color my mom use to wear!….Don’t get me wrong ! My mom always looked Fab in her deep Burgundy lip stick .  Honeyyyyyy me in dark rich deep down Burgundy !!! #SMH…..In maybe 20 years!! Just not right now….It’s  just not for me . I have a tendency to choose more brighter yet settled shades of lip color. Like softer pinks and nude shades of lip gloss or sticks. I have done photo shoots in the past when the makeup artist had chosen shades for me that I wouldn’t DARE wear in the public eye . But Good Lord ,  I have seen some girls in public with traffic stopping lip color who needed their lips burned off!!! Yes I said it!  Light a match and watch their lips fall off in SLOW MOTION . LOL….  I’m just kidding around..HAHA( Serious Face) . The Question of the hour is ………DO YOU ALL THINK THAT DARK SKINNED BEAUTIES CAN GET AWAY WITH WEARING THESE SUPER BRIGHT AND POPPING LIP COLORS? I want your honest opinions.

statement - bright lips on dark skin

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