Add Definition to Your Natural with the Perfect Twist Out!

Out of all my many years of doing hair Natural hair Is in Effect more now than ever. I always loved the twist out styles. I use to twist my then Relaxed hair like over 10 years ago. So its funny to me to see how this style has become so popular again. I can honestly say i really  enjoy getting a break from styling relaxed hair. Don’t get me wrong i love styling all hair . Its just you can do things to natural hair that you can’t with relaxed. Below is an easy to do Twist Out Style i created on my lovely client.


What I did to Create this Look>>>

1. Cleansed her hair with Bain De Terre Conditioner Cleanser. This product works well with both natural and relaxed hair. Because this product gives so much moisture i didn’t apply a conditioner to her hair. As i worked in the product i detangled at the same time.

2. I then used a Terry Clothed towel by TOMMY TOWEL to take a little of the water off her hair. Just so it’s not dripping all over her face.

3. Applied A little Argon Oil and started parting off my sections.

4. I then applied the Cantu Coconut Curl Cream to each section from root to ends before i proceeded to flat twist the hair . I did this until the entire head was done.

My client sat under a hooded dryer for about an hour until her was completely dry. I separated her hair gently and fluffed a little just to give the style a fuller look. Depending on how the hair is cared for , The style will last up to two weeks.

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