I’m a Mother, Hairstylist ,  Model ( sometimes! LOL) ,  Business Owner, Therapist (to my lovely salon clients! LOL),an  Entrepreneur , and a Goal Achiever. I’m a person who believes that ANYTHING is possible with hard work and determination. My journey began at the age of 12. I always knew I liked to do hair,  but never believed I wanted to make it my career. It wasn’t until I reached the age of 21 that I knew I wanted to be a hairstylist. (Funny Story how this came about) I THOUGHT I wanted to work with children. I was going to college and my major was education and I was a part time teacher at a childcare facility. Now mind you I was pregnant with my second daughter and had a 3yr. old at home as well as working with 15  2yr old toddlers everyday. This one particular day they were out of control and I mean OUT OF CONTROL. I had a breakdown! I couldn’t take it!  I said “Lord what else is there I want to do in life and have a passion for it” The Lord said , ” I know you like to do hair so persue that!” That’s what I did!

I  withdrew from school, resigned from my job, and enrolled in Avant Hair Tech. Upon completion,  I worked in a few salons that lasted for a few short  years. I had grown very tired  of  salon owners not handleing their business and running it into the ground . It was a mess and it was time for me to step out on faith and open my own salon and That’s how Roots To Ends Hair Studio was born. Fast Forward 7 years later…..Ok so just like most of you I really enjoy YOU TUBE and Blogs. Wether it’s Hair, Entertainment , Or Gossip. I will watch and read it all. Although Hair styling  will always be MY LOVE! MY PASSION! MY ADDICTION! But, working behind a chair was something i have  always known  would  just be a begining for me. There is a saying, “You have to take pieces from your life like a puzzle and piece them together to complete it = FindingYour Purpose. ” Which is what I did!

This is How TRESSAHOLIC.COM came to life. My love for Hair/ Fashion/ Entertainment/. Me going from a hair stylist working for others to Owning my salon, Hair extension company , and now my own blog. Who Knew…LOL….  I never claimed the  fame to be a Blogger/ Writer. As a matter of fact  writing was never somthing i liked to do. ( JUST BEING HONEST). But i did really enjoy was Sharing information. No matter if it was my own or someone else’s. If it can help someone i would share it . What you can expect from this blog i prmoise would be Pure Entertainment and Useful information. My own Knowlegeable information or information from other Blog/Entertainment Sites i love. I  hope you all  enjoy the READ  as much as i enjoy the Share!