A cheaper way to Remove Fusion Hair Extensions!

Good Day Hair Beauties! So i had a client come into the salon today to have her hair fusion extensions removed and replaced. Well I ran out of my special oil I usually use to remove the hair extensions and decided to run to our local Sally Beauty supply store to pick up some glue remover. At sally’s they had this remover called Fusion Glue Remover which cost me $8.49. COOL……..Once I made it back to the salon,I proceeded to service my client and started removing her extensions. Ok Lol…this when I started to scratch my head. When I opened the bottle of Fusion Glue remover the smell reminded me of a smell I have have smelled before. Ha!!!! Guys it was Freakin Acetone!! Yes I said Acetone! The same stuff we use to remove finger nail polish! Mind you, nail polish acetone cost only $1.49 or even $.99 in some places. Ok can I say I was mad as Heck because I just spent $8.49 FOR SOMETHING I could have simply paid $.99 for.So there you go Dolls ! All you need to remove your fusion extensions is some Acetone Remover which will only cost you $.99 instead of $8.49.20130520_153629PicsArt_1369103895837IMG_20130520_180711

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