Teacher Does Child’s hair in school and post it on Facebook

Ok,  so i just finished reading the post about the teacher who combed the little girl’s hair in school and posted the picture on facebook. Here are my thoughts. I feel like the teacher was dead wrong in a sense. One she should’ve asked the girl’s parents if it was ok  and secondly she shouldn’t have posted it on Facebook! Of all Freakin places you post it on there. I get it! I use to work for Head Start which is a pre k program for kids. I use to see this kind of stuff all the time.I have in fact done a child’s hair, but with the permission of the kid’s mom. It was a few people who thought this was a kind thing to do and a few was upset about it. But what i wonder was… What was the child’s mom reaction when she picked up the kid from school…Hmmmmmm….

This is what the Teacher said on her post…………..“So one of my students came to school today with her hair full of knots, lint, and ridiculously tangled. It looked like it hadn’t been touched the entire holiday break…so my classroom became a salon. The photo on the left is before, and the right after. It just broke my heart so badly that I refused to let her leave school today the same way she came. When I finished she looked at herself and said “aww so pretty” … the beauty is that she is normally non-verbal. So now I’m crying lol. My day has been made!” – Quote taken from


Image from Facebook


I would LOVE your options on this matter!!

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