3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Get A Vixen Sewin!



So I have another wedding to attend in May, and since I am on this “New Year New me” thing for the month of January I thought it would be cool to research the Vixen Sew In weave option that everyone is so crazy about. The thing is, I did not want to hear how awesome it was anymore, I want to know the straight up cons of doing it.

The point of a sew in for me, is for one, giving my hair a break from manipulation and the environment so that I can retain length. The other reason I would consider a weave over braids, is the versatility of the hair especially for the wedding.

This doesn’t mean you cannot wear braids to a wedding; I just wanted something I could play in a bit, a few curls here and there, you know how it is, right?

So the first thing I did was ask my personal hair consultant, because you know, every one needs one of those *wink*. I knew she would give me her absolute honest opinion, so I hit her up in an email.. “Would you ever do a vixen sew in?” Her response, “Hell no!”

I was like WHAT!?? That was not the response I expected because in my mind how could you not want one, it looks so awesome. She explained to me that there is just too much leave out and when would she ever wear her hair in two ponytails.

Well hell, hec that’s true, when would I ever wear my hair in pig tails? Here are 3 reasons you should pass on a Vixen sew in.

1. The versatility might not be worth it

I wear pig tails. Now if I plan to attend a costume party during Halloween dressed as Little Bo Peep, and when have I ever done that? Some styles work better for some women, and the half up, down thing is too high school for me to pull off now. Vixen Sew In’s cost a pretty penny not to mention the hair, so the parts aren’t that necessary considering the cost.

2. Chopping up my good hair

To get the Vixen sew in to work you will have to cut my wefts up so that they can be placed on the individual quadrants. The problem with that is, I don’t necessarily like the idea of purchasing a bunch of hair and having someone cut it into a ton of pieces. The hair I buy will not be cheap enough for me to justify just chopping up the wefts.

3. Too much leave out

The Vixen sew in requires that you have leave out all around the perimeter of your head, so I will have to blend all of that with the weave. Aint nobody got time for that. Plus what would be the point of having to manipulate so much of my own hair when I am doing a protective style?Vixen sew in’s are great for a special occasion, but not for long term protective styling. Would I do it for the wedding? No! because even though it is a special occasion, I would want to wear the style long term. Your girl aint ballin’ like that!

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