Nicki Minaj Wins Wig Lawsuit Against Former Stylist

Tequila Fletcher:

OOppppsss!!! I know her old stylist was upset after this . But, im pretty sure he didnt have this agreement in writing ! #smh

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The war of the wigs is finally over and a victor has been named!

It’s no surprise that Nicki Minaj emerged triumphant in this legal battle over the designs of her wigs. According to TMZ, the “Anaconda” MC beat her former hairstylist Terrence Davidson who was suing Minaj for $30 million for allegedly cutting him out of a business deal. Davidson claimed that he helped Minaj design her multi-colored wigs and agreed to go into business with Nicki on a new line of iconic hairpieces. However, the hairstylist then claimed that he was dropped from her team and cut out of her business plans.

During the proceedings, the judge claimed that anyone has the right to make wigs and, more importantly, it’s up to Nicki to license her likeness, including her famous wiggy looks.

Congrats Nicki! Can’t wait to see whether she’ll stick with the natural black hair look…

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COVERED: Rihanna Gets Weird In White For ‘TUSH’ Magazine

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Rihanna is known for her bold fashion sense but she’s taking it to a whole new level in TUSH Magazine.

The superstar posed in white wings and a white wig for the German magazine and proved that there’s no look that she can’t pull off.

Once again, she teamed up with Gomillion & Leupold for the avant-garde spread that showed her animalistic and angelic sides at the same time.

Check out the sizzling snapshots:


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DIY: Strengthening Hair Mask

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Strengthen hair mask

I am goo-goo for DIYs. Its not me being too cheap to buy the actual product (because some things I just refuse to make myself) but rather me feeling exhilarated and just flat out proud of myself for putting fresh ingredients together to take care of my tresses as mother nature intended. No chemicals. No fragrance that grinds my nerves. Just pure, honest ingredients to benefit my hair.

I came across this DIY Strengthening Mask while browsing on the website. Go on over to view the other hair recipes in the gallery (pure awesome!)

For overworked and processed hair, protein-rich egg is nature’s miracle. It smoothes damaged cuticles to restore strength and shine.

What you need:

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