A few good reasons why you should use Amla Oil

Coconut , Neem, Olive, Tea tree, and Argan  are just a few Oils that i use on a regular basis to treat my hair and Scalp. A combination of the few will help relieve dry scalp and add strength to your hair. As hairstylist and Relaxer Free Girly,  i’m always on the lookout  for any new products or oils i can try and introduce to my clients.  I want  to say it was like last year i started noticing a few hair care companies started adding Amla oil in their products. Just recently  i decided to read up on the oil and see what it was all about.

Well… the Amla is sourced from the Indian Gooseberry( a tree native of india). Like many other Herbal Infused Oils, Amla oil is made by immersing dried amla fruit in coconut , mineral, or seasame oil. Soaking the fruit for a few days ,filtering, then purifying it. …Hmmm…Seems pretty easy… Whats so great about Amla is its fatty acids, vitamin C , flavonids, polypheols,water,protein,vitamins,carbohydrates, and minerals . Not is it good for hair , it’s also good for your body. ( Not the OIl… The Fruit)…Although Amla has a long history as a use for treatments. It’s not a lot of scientific evidence for treating hair loss, prematurely graying hair , or treatment for scalp problems. Even thou people have claimed it has worked for them.



There are many ways to use the Amla. Fused Oil, Pill form, Powders , or even eating the fruit. If your planning to use the oil , you can add it shampoos ,use it on the scalp, or use it as a conditioning treatment.  (Hair Treatment)…….Massage the oil on the hair and scalp, from root to ends. Cover your head with a plastic cap and allow it to sit on the head for 15 minutes. Once your time is up .. Rinse the oil out with warm water and lightly shampoo if desired.


There are many online stores, which seems to be easiest way to find it. Indian stores and a few Natural-Food Stores carry it. There are not that many hair care companies adding it to products other than Optimum . There products can be purchased from your local beauty supply store and Sally’s Beauty also carries Optimum Care Products. The Shampoo,Conditioners, and Oils are great for all  Hair types. I have used their  products before in the past and i do like them. So its worth the try without breaking your pockets.

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Did you say Kale! Beauty Companies are taking products to new Heights!

I swear every time you turn around there is a new product or a company  have added sometime new  to an existing product. Well Well here we go…. Word on the streets is Kale is the New Vege that is  being added to Beauty products. First they say…. EAT It!..Its good for you!… Now! …. Its Rub it on your face! Rub it on your Body! ..Oh my. LOL. Either way its good for your insides and out!

Kale is one of those SUPER FOODS that are packed with vitamin A ,C, and K which helps with skin hydration, reducing dark spots under eyes, natural detox  and aging due to sun damage just to name a few. Not Only will it clean you out , it will  have your hair and skin on point. Love it . I was reading up on one particular product called Eminence . The company just released a Citrus and  Kale Potent C+E Serum that will cost you $110 a  Bottle…( Blank Stare)…I don’t know about you ….But for $110 a bottle,  my face better be looking like a NEW Born’s Bottom..LOL..

I did google and find i a few companies that have also  added the Super Food to its ingredient list. I can’t  say i will be trying any of the products. Just being honest! I will just stick to eating my Kale for $3 a bag . Or even looking for some DIY magic concoction online. I will post them and hopefully one of you beauties will try out one of these products and send us some feed back.


Helps reduce fine lines and Wrinkles



Helps eliminate sun damage and wrinkles

A Hand cream that helps fight and tighten wrinkles .

A Hand cream that helps fight and tighten wrinkles .


Correcting Cream with added SPF . Keeping the skin radiant and protect skin form harmful rays.

Correcting Cream with added SPF . Keeping the skin radiant and protect skin form harmful rays.







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The winner will receive a ONE YEAR SUBSCRIPTION to StyleBox (FROM JAMBERRY, NOT ME) and the winning design will be the inspiration for a future StyleBox.

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The winner will be announced sometime in August. Happy Styling!

Want more information on the Style Box?  Learn more HERE!

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If you have never tried Jamberry…

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Product Review! African Pride Leave In Conditioner

A Miracle for under $4! If you haven’t tried this product yet, I suggest you run to Wal-Mart, Target or Sally’s and find this! I’ve used this on 2 types of hair. I originally purchased this to try on my 2 year old’s incredibly thick and tight curls. I’ve noticed that her hair absorbs all the products I normally use for her but after a day, it turns out to be super dry. This product not only smelled delicious but I was finally able to comb through her hair without her screaming at me. Her hair is now soft to the touch a day later.

I also used this on my semi dry extensions! A few week ago, I added color, which dried my hair out a little. After one treatment, my hair looks very shiny and brand new so I will definitely continue to use this on both of our hair.

I realized after the fact they make the same leave-in but with Shea Butter so I will be running out to find that one as well!


Do you recommend a great leave in conditioner that keeps moisture sealed in, let me know!

Stay fabulous



Addding Color To Create Summer Sass!

I’ve been on Instagram again drooling over all of the beautiful and creative ways stylists are using colors for summertime fabulousness! No, I’m not bold enough to wear these colors but the ladies who do are rocking it! Bold colors are definitely taking over social media! Love! love! love! What do you think?




IMG_4465<This hot color is courtesy of @diamondcoleman



Follow these talented ladies on Instagram to see all of their creative work! If you’re rockin’ beautiful color that’s outside the box, let me know so I can feature you!
Stay fabulous!