Straighten Natural Hair with NO Heat!

I have a Public service announcement to make!   To all my natural hair Girls i have stubbled up on a Company by the name of CWK Girls who has created  a tool that will according to them  , ”  Will straighten Wavy, Curly, and Kinky Textured hair with out the use of heat.” I found the company on instagram (@cwk_girls) searching around as i would normally do and i found this tool to be interesting so i decided to do a Google searching.

Well this is what i found…. They have a campaign up on in which they had a pledge of $8000, but successfully received over $24,000 from over 500 backers. …As stated above, this is a heat free straightening tool. You can pledge for the tool from $5 up to $1000. The more money you pledge, the more Straight Plates you get along with other items. I think the creater Kelechi Bradley created something in my opinion awesome. Beauties FYI i didn’t purchase the plates as of yet, but i do plan to purchase a set and see how well they work.

From the pictures i’ve seen the results are great. I did also read  you can add heat if necessary , but not required. On the you tube video i did see it  showed she used heat to dry the hair faster which did  give good results. But…. my concern will be how the hair will look  on the kinky girls who choose not to use heat at all. Will the look be wearable ……HMMMMMMM. ….Only time will tell… I will be on the lookout for pictures and reviews from those who purchased the tool ….. To Be Continued……..





Kiss Pop – The New Marc Jacobs Lipsticks

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Kiss Pop Lip Color Stick
$ 28.00

Marc Jacobs created his version of lipstick – an oversized lipstick crayon, inspired by childhood memories and the work of pop artist Tom Wesselmann. “ I also think it’s very sexy—this idea of popping your lips ”, says Marc Jacobs. Kiss Pop comes in nine shades  ( from soft pinks to bold brights ), in his formula there is honey as a natural moisturizing, it is easy to apply and lasts for hours thanks to the nutritional proprieties of the leaves of Candelilla plant. The important characteristic is that the stylish silver ‘pencils’ are paraben and sulfates free. Available at for $ 28.00.

Kiss Pop Lip Color Stick
$ 28.00

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Sneak Peek #6 into the Ultimate Beauty Giveaway! Barefoot Venus!

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Barefoot Venus
As we slowly reach the end of the Sneak Peeks into Ultimate Giveaway (ENTER HERE), our 6th Sneak Peek is featured by Barefoot Venus! This Canadian Brand is my all time favorite bath care brand. I use them religiously! Everything is flawless in production with amazing scents, textures, and they all preform as well as they claim possibly better in my opinion! I own a ton of Barfoot Venus Products as they are a must have for every bath I take! Plus…their packaging is so adorable that I display my collection loud and proud in my bathroom as part of the décor :)

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Kissed with Coral – FOTD

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Feeling the summer weather, here is an on trend that look that I wore recently.

Face –  Black Radiance Oil Control Primer, Black Opal Oil blocking Powder, Black Radiance BB Cream in Honey Amber, MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Dark and Deep Dark, NYX Concealer in 7 and 8, MAC Blush in Blunt, ELF Bronzer in Sunkissed Bronze, Smashbox Blush in Crush

Eyes  – MAC Mineralized Skinfinish in Dark, MAC Blush in Blunt, Milani Eyeshadow in Black, Ulta Eyeliner in Black, Ulta Eyeliner in Dark Brown, L’Oreal Butterfly Mascara in Black, ELF Bronzer in Sunkissed Bronze

Lips – NYX Lipliner in Orange, Maybelline Vivids Lipstick in Electric Orange

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A few good reasons why you should use Amla Oil

Coconut , Neem, Olive, Tea tree, and Argan  are just a few Oils that i use on a regular basis to treat my hair and Scalp. A combination of the few will help relieve dry scalp and add strength to your hair. As hairstylist and Relaxer Free Girly,  i’m always on the lookout  for any new products or oils i can try and introduce to my clients.  I want  to say it was like last year i started noticing a few hair care companies started adding Amla oil in their products. Just recently  i decided to read up on the oil and see what it was all about.

Well… the Amla is sourced from the Indian Gooseberry( a tree native of india). Like many other Herbal Infused Oils, Amla oil is made by immersing dried amla fruit in coconut , mineral, or seasame oil. Soaking the fruit for a few days ,filtering, then purifying it. …Hmmm…Seems pretty easy… Whats so great about Amla is its fatty acids, vitamin C , flavonids, polypheols,water,protein,vitamins,carbohydrates, and minerals . Not is it good for hair , it’s also good for your body. ( Not the OIl… The Fruit)…Although Amla has a long history as a use for treatments. It’s not a lot of scientific evidence for treating hair loss, prematurely graying hair , or treatment for scalp problems. Even thou people have claimed it has worked for them.



There are many ways to use the Amla. Fused Oil, Pill form, Powders , or even eating the fruit. If your planning to use the oil , you can add it shampoos ,use it on the scalp, or use it as a conditioning treatment.  (Hair Treatment)…….Massage the oil on the hair and scalp, from root to ends. Cover your head with a plastic cap and allow it to sit on the head for 15 minutes. Once your time is up .. Rinse the oil out with warm water and lightly shampoo if desired.


There are many online stores, which seems to be easiest way to find it. Indian stores and a few Natural-Food Stores carry it. There are not that many hair care companies adding it to products other than Optimum . There products can be purchased from your local beauty supply store and Sally’s Beauty also carries Optimum Care Products. The Shampoo,Conditioners, and Oils are great for all  Hair types. I have used their  products before in the past and i do like them. So its worth the try without breaking your pockets.

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