My Nutra Nail Gel Perfect Polish Review

A few weeks ago i purchased Nutra Nail Gel Polish and decided i wanted to try to save some money by doing my own manicure! I usually would go every to weeks to have them done. Which would cost me $10 if i was getting a basic mani or $25-$35 if i was getting gel polish. So I’m spending like $20-$35 a month and $240 -$ $420 a year. Ok  so like I said i want to save money so i tried this brand to see if i would like it.



This is what came inside of the box. Activator/Polish/Brush Cleaner



Did my own manicure!!! I think i did a good Job!


Applied the Activator to my nails. I did allow it to dry a little before i added the polish! BEWARE… the smell of the activator is STRONG.



Applied the Gel Polish .. The directions say it will dry rock hard in 5 minutes!……….


I love the color! I hate that  30 minutes later  my nails are not rock hair. If you decide to use this product i would use a Uv lamp . I Gave this product 1 Star…











Super Foods That Contain Biotin You Should Know About!

Growing your tresses long, Natural and healthy seems to be the #1 thing popping these days in the world of AFRO Hair! Every time you turn around some is posting a new potion or pill you can take to help you grow your Hair! GUILTY! LOL.. I do promote taking anything within reason that will help Healthy Hair. One of the favorite vitamins i do suggest is Biotin , also called vitamin H. Biotin is one of those key Vitamins that are needed to help assist in growing your tresses and among other things. While doing a little research i found that certain foods and snacks some of us are eating everyday contains a small amount of Biotin.This was something i was really excited about. I and a few people i know HATE to take pills. It’s either we can’t swallow the pill or we forget to take them .

I have been asked by several people, “what’s the average amount a person should take?”. My answer would always be ‘”up to 5000 mcg”. That’s the amount all of my clients use and the results have been amazing. But for those of you who hate taking pills can simply increase the amounts of these superfoods to help with your biotin intake.

FOODS CONTAINING BIOTIN-(3-8.5 mcg. per serving)
Tuna,pork,banana,papaya,Carrots,avocado,tomato sauce,nonfat milk,salom,swiss chard,sweet potato,haddock,lowfat yogurt,cashes, cooked eggs, peanut butter,almonds,strawberries, cucumbers, and list goes on……..


Phresh Out The Runway: Rihanna Covers ‘W’ Mag & Brings Iman & Naomi With Her

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Rihanna W Magazine 2014

Photo Credit: W Magazine, Photographs by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. Styled by Edward Enninful.

My favorite wild child and slayer of everything fashionable, Rihanna is back at is again. This time she’s covering W Magazine giving “Avatar” realness (and I mean that as a compliment) and she brought two of the most iconic people in fashion to ever do it with her.

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Rihanna W Magazine 2014-1

Photo Credit: W Magazine, Photography by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott Styled by Edward Enninful

Dubbing her as the “world’s wildest style icon,” the high-fashion publication features the pop sensation in an eight-page editorial that is slamming! Rihanna is laced out in Alexander McQueen, Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors (just to name a few). Showing no f–ks to give, she rocks enough fur to not only make PETA really angry but perhaps cloth an entire village…

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PRIV: The App That Literally Delivers All Of Your Beauty Needs To Your Home!

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If being a FitGirl beauty is just as important to you as it is to me, then you are going to love this new app called PRIV. And if your busy schedule is cramping your sporty yet sexy style, then you might just want to actually stop reading this and download PRIV right now.

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Imagine you are out and about trying to squeeze in a mani, yet need to race home to wait for a delivery or have a girls night to attend. Well head home without fear and have your mani come to you–or a blowout, or eyelash extensions, or a personal trainer, or a massage…and the list goes on. Simply put, Seamless for beauty and fitness services is here girls! Hello PRIV!

1. Priv It Anywhere

So while I only tried three services (see…

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